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Holiday Eating without the Weight Gain

Here are some survival tips that can help you make it through the holidays without weight gain.

  1. When you are ready to indulge, ask yourself “Do I really like this? Does it rate a 5 or an eight or better. Don’t waste calories on foods ranking 6 or less.

  2. If you are trying a new food, ask yourself “Is it as good as I thought? If not don’t eat it! Save your calories for foods you really enjoy.

  3. Eat a light healthy snack before attending special events or parties. This will help you curb your hunger and help you make better choices.

  4. Remember alcohol increases appetite and can contribute significant calories to your day. Limit alcohol to one drink per woman and 2 drinks per man. Make the first drink at a party low calorie. Save higher calorie beverages for the end of the party. By doing this, you will eat less calories during the course of the party because you do not have the influence of the alcohol increasing your appetite at the start of the party.

  5. Don’t make food the focus of your holiday season. Focus on enjoying “together time” with family and friends.

  6. If going to a party, bring a healthy and tasty dish to share. Some favorite ideas include: tossed salad(be creative with your choice of veggies), vegetable platter, fresh fruit salad, homemade pasta salad loaded with veggies or a flavorful bean dip such as hummus with an array of veggies for dipping.

  7. If food is served in buffet style, survey the food choices and choose mainly vegetables and then select a few of your favorites to enjoy.

  8. Make exercise a priority. Special events during the holiday can disrupt your routine but make time for at least 30 minutes of moderate to high intensity exercise most days of the week.

The holidays are truly only 3 real days, Thanksgiving, Christmas {or Kwanzaa or Chanukah} and New Year’s. These holidays are about celebrating with family and friends. If you blow it on only 3 days, then damage is minimal. Remember to practice moderation and not deprivation. We should focus on what we eat every day not just the holidays. Happy Holidays!

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