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About Get Healthy Pensacola!

In a survey taken in 1999, being healthy ranked as the third most important value in the world. We learned that 61 percent of all people in the United States are overweight or obese, and that only 20 percent of us exercise the recommended 30 minutes three times a week.

Get Healthy Pensacola! was created to offer an incentive to stick to the healthy lifestyle we value. Get Healthy Pensacola!, is the only program of its kind in Northwest Florida, and may be the special key you need to unlock the door to getting in shape, eating right and making healthy lifestyle decisions.

Since 2001, Get Healthy Pensacola! has been helping our community live a healthier lifestyle by not only encouraging people to have regular health screenings and to excersise, but by actually rewarding these healthy lifestyle choices. As a member, you will collect points whenever you participate in health-and-fitness oriented activities like wellness seminars and screenings. You will also receive points for attending programs to help you manage your weight or exercise. Even your yearly physicals can earn you membership points.

The type of prize you receive, depends on the number of points you earn. How you decide to convert your points is up to you. Either save your points until you have enough for that special something, or trade them in at any time.

Join Get Healthy Pensacola!

Join Get Healthy Pensacola!

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